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Tác giả Chủ đề: Sinh viên Việt Nam ngày nay !  (Đọc 2621 lần)
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Viet Nam Viet Nam

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Sinh viên toàn quốc lập nghiệp .. !

Sinh viên toàn quốc lập nghiệp .. !
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Address: 245/14 Bình lợi street,Ward 13 Bình Thạnh Dist .Ho Chi Minh .VietNam
Tel : (+844)2581156 _ 0902941125
Email : groupstudent@yahoo.com
Website: Techonologygroups.com

Open Letter

Currently, industrialization and modernization of Vietnam have significantly been happened after two years of becoming an official member of World Trade Organization (WTO). During this period, industry is presently a branch with great development to which automatizing is especially paying attention by national and foreign investors. Establishment of technology group student A to Z will bring final-year students of technical faculty many opportunities to be able to expose their working capacity, and a good chance to create a close relationship and long attachment between your enterprises and students.

We strongly believe that the Technology Group Student A to Z will be capable to satisfy requirements of your enterprises and companies and will gain numerous successes in technology field.

I. Purpose of establishment:
It is aimed to satisfy needs from offices and companies and create jobs, which can bring income and experience from practical conditions to students in their spare time.

II. Activities of the Students:
Technology Group Student A to Z established in 2009 is a group of final-year students of science and technology faculties coming from universities and colleges within Ho Chi Minh City.
We specialize in installation and maintenance of electric and electronic equipment and facilities, industrial machine and automatic systems in factories and plants.
In addition, we also provide consultation, design and installation of automatic system inside companies such as local network system (LAN), productive system (belt), fire alarm system, vision inspection system (theft-proof). Particularly, we are professional in consultation and installation of productive automatic system as conveyor for commodities.
We strongly believe that enterprises will be satisfactory to the products and services we shall bring you. Give us a chance to serve you. Thank you.

III. Products:
• Industry solutions system developed by students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology.
• Machine vision inspection system
• IT out sourcing
• Software processing as per requirement undertaken by students from software faculty of RMIT, FPT, NIIT ….
• Light-Emitting Diode
• Industrial Robot
• Design and maintenance of LAN/WAN, construction and operation of server system of mail, database, file, etc. undertaken by specialist group from network faculty of NIIT, Nhat Nghe.

IV. Working content:
Survey, quotation, construction and payment in priority order.

Thanks for your attention!

Best regards,

P/s: The way you make your planet become smarter is the way you come with us.

More detailed information will be given to you via email.

Please contact with us through the email (Tommy_86sg@yahoo.com) (e-mail in Vietnamese or English please)

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Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam

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